Jolly Junk Journals

Beautiful themed handmade journals

Capturing Your Life One Page at a Time

We are all told how important it is to journal our thoughts, but staring at a fresh white sheet of paper can feel very daunting. What if my thought is too small to fill a page? What if I don’t have time to write a lot? What if I just don’t feel like writing down more than a few words?

This is where these journals come in. You’ll find larger cards where you can write down bigger thoughts or memories and stick them onto a page. There are also smaller cards, some folded, plus pockets to tuck them in. These cards can preserve small notes and thoughts. Lastly – or firstly – there are full pages. They have space or lines to write on, giving you room for longer thoughts, it is entirely your call as to how you respond!

With a journal like this, you can be as creative and right-brained as you like. The idea is to start writing wherever you want. There is no ‘start at page 1’ rule, you are completely free to add things just where you feel inspired to do so. Add words, pictures, doodles, ephemera – whatever you want to preserve to find again.


Journals with Options

You can have a journal for a specific time or task, a dedicated place to write lists and reminders that you can look back on afterwards and recall those hours or days, or months. Maybe it is for a vacation where you will preserve receipts and tickets, add photos, and jot down names of people you met? The lovely thing is that these journals grow organically. They expand to became a beautiful place of memories to enjoy at any time – even when the power is off and your iPad has run out of battery life!