Capture Your Thoughts

Why Use a Journal?

Jolly Junk Journals offer a unique and fun way to document your memories. My journals are made from both new and upcycled materials, giving them a one-of-a-kind look that is both eco-friendly and stylish. Each journal is thoughtfully designed with plenty of space for writing, drawing, and adding photos or other mementos.

With my journals, you can capture your adventures, record your thoughts and feelings, or simply use them as a creative outlet. They also make great gifts for friends and family. Invest in a Jolly Junk Journal today and start documenting your life in a fun and sustainable way!

Capturing Thoughts and Memories

Choose a journal for recalling a vacation, and to preserve receipts, tickets, photos, and names of people you met. Or find one to remind yourself of past times and people.

Writing Down Thoughts and Memories

Maybe you are inspired by the colors or images in a journal, if so, use it to write about your thoughts. In these journals you can write anywhere, and hide away thoughts from others.


The lovely thing is that these journals grow organically. They expand to became a beautiful place of memories to enjoy at any time – even when the power is off and your iPad has run out of battery life!


You can also have a journal for a specific time frame or task, a dedicated place to write lists and reminders that you can look back on afterwards and recall that time.

My journals are designed to take that fear away. While there are pages to write on, you can equally well doodle on them or stick a photo on them. On almost every page there are little tags or cards, in pockets or tucked under a piece of paper, where you can start to journal by writing down just a few words at a time. There is often a tiny book tucked in to write longer pieces – or to draw in!

These journals are are based around a multitude of different themes. As an idea or theme captures me, or I notice a great deal of interesting material on a topic, it slowly evolves. Before long another finished journal is ready to let loose on the world.

My journals are made to be started anywhere, there are no left brained rules about only moving from left to right here! Flip through, and if words bring up something you want to save, jot it down and mark the page. If you prefer to take more linear progress, start at the beginning, but for those who find a first page intimidating, feel free to ignore it!

As it can be hard to know what to write I sometimes include prompts – words and phrases – in a little envelope to paste onto a page, card or tag, or to copy onto a page then write whatever comes into your mind around that idea. The words and phrases are positive, and hopefully gently inspiring, but if something is really bothering you, ignore the prompts and write it out!

Journal Prices

Especially Large Journals

These journals can be so large you might want to put them on a table to read.

Regular Journals

These are themed and have book board covers and spines. The majority of my journals fall into this category.

Comisssioned Journals

The price depends on the finished size and whether I have materials on hand to use, or have to purchase items.

Starter journals

These journals are smaller than the regular ones. they are designed for people to use when new to journaling. they include pages and some ephemera (bits and pieces) for you to re-arrange as you wish.


2023 Craft Fairs


Cardinal O’Hara HS Spring Fair
4/29-30 Springfield, PA

Parkside Art Festival
5/6 Parkside, PA

Lansdowne Night Market
6/2 Lansdowne, PA

Haverford Heritage Market
6/4/23 Havertown, PA

Irish Fair
6/10/23 Havertown, PA

Lansdowne Famers Market
7/15/23 Lansdowne, PA

Harriton House Festival
9/23 Bryn Mawr, PA

Havertown First Festival
10/14/23 Havertown, PA

Community Day and Craft Fair
10/15/23 Lansdowne, PA

Arts on the Avenue
10/1 Lansdowne, PA

?Cardinal O’Hara HS Christmas Fair
11/18-19 Springfield, PA

A Little Bit of the Arts
11/24-25 Lansdowne, PA

Junk Journal Glossary

Ephemera: bits and pieces of paper, card, stickers, flowers, anything flat enough to use in a book to decorate it.

Belly band: a strip of paper or thin card stick at the outer edges of a page, usually vertically or horizontally. items are put behind them to keep.

Book jewelry: a small collection, usually of beads, that are wired together and attached to the spine of the book. This is purely for looks, it is seldom long enough to use as a bookmark.

Book board: the heavy card used for the cover and spine of most journals. It is firmer than regular card, and is designed to keep the contents of the journal safe.



Journal Blog Posts

Small journals in pockets

Small journals in pockets

As a change of pace I created six small journals, each designed more for writing than adding items. The journals are bound together with cloth and then have lace added over the cloth. There are a few small pieces of ephemera included in each journal, and also on the...

Starter Journals

Starter Journals

Another thing people have told me is that big junk journals can feel intimidating, so i have created a line of starter journals to overcome this. Each has thirty pages plus a card cover with tuck spots and a selection of tags on paperclips to use as book marks. The...

Simple Blank Journals

Simple Blank Journals

When I am at craft fairs I am always asked for plain journals, so have created a line of minimalist journals. Each cover is made of Kraft card stock and has a white laser cut shape attached to the front. The cover was then laminated to help it withstand being carried...

Some of my Recently Made Journals