Jolly Junk Journals

Handmade journals to capture your thoughts

Capture Your Thoughts

We are all told how important it is to capture your thoughts in a journal, but staring at a white sheet of paper can feel very daunting. to overcome this mental block, I make handmade journals with an eclectic range of topics and color palettes. These journals are ready to give to friends and family, but without forgetting to keep your favorite one for yourself!

Most of my journals are roughly 5″x8.5″x1″ deep and have at least 120 pages, but often have many more. The papers used may be printed, frail, sturdy, taken from older books, dyed, or given to me by someone who thought it would be interesting to use in a journal. Each journal is something of an adventure to create, so I hope you feel that as you look inside.

My journals are full of images, digital collages, and items to look at, enjoy, and move around as you wish There is absolutely no right or wrong way to sort or use the journals, simply start wherever – and as often – you wish.

You might also like a slightly crazy bookmark (look at the photo on the left.) to go with your journal. The bookmarks are designed like this so the user can mark they were working. The bookmarks are long, colorful, and can be clipped onto the top of the journal spine.


Ways to Capture Your Thoughts

Maybe you particularly like a topic, if so find a journal about that topic and use it to make you smile when you open it!

You can also have a journal for a specific time frame or task, a dedicated place to write lists and reminders that you can look back on afterwards and recall that time.

Maybe you will choose a journal for a vacation to preserve receipts and tickets, add photos, and jot down names of people you met? The lovely thing is that these journals grow organically. They expand to became a beautiful place of memories to enjoy at any time – even when the power is off and your iPad has run out of battery life!