I might not spend too much time on Instagram or YouTube, but I am still aware of the phenomenon of videoing the opening of a box. Since these journals are probably going to be given as gifts, I wanted to make the experience of unwrapping them something to anticipate and enjoy.





It was surprisingly difficult to find a deep, rectangular box to use, however I persisted and found these corrugated card boxes with a fold down lid. The journals nestle neatly inside the box, on a bed of shredded paper to keep them safe in transit. The journal is then wrapped in tissue paper and sealed with a sticker saying, “Handmade with Love”.





It still seemed a little too predictable, so as a final flourish I wrote a welcome note to the new journal owner, with suggestions for ways to use the journal. The letter is signed by me, then sealed with gold wax and stamped with a bee symbol. There will be a layer of plastic to keep the boxed journal safe from the rain while in transit, but I am hoping the recipients of these journals will enjoy the experience of unwrapping them.