The Process

My journals feel like a next step in the evolution of junk journals! I use very little ‘junk’ in the making of my journals, and instead look for paper and resources that will make the experience of using and handling the journal an interesting one.

I start by coming up with topics that I enjoy, then go mining in old books and image sites for images and pieces of advertising that relate to the topic. I create a cover first, using a photo that sums up the look and feel for what you will find inside. It starts to create the color palette that will be used throughout the book.

The cover designs are uploaded for printing onto a sturdy linen fabric, and then when my designs arrive I back the outside cover with a stiff interfacing. The book cover is still not rigid, but feels sturdy and solid in your hand. As the owner will be adding extra materials to the journal, my goal is to create a journal cover that is flexible so it can expand with the contents, and won’t crack or crease.

Then I create the pages and layout the ephemera – all the interesting little bits and pieces I’ve found, and print them out. I then have a lovely time cutting out all the little shapes!

I then sew the sets of pages (signatures) into the spine of the book – that I reinforced with yet another piece of interfacing! I use bookbinding thread that has been pulled through beeswax to sew in the pages.

When all the signatures have been sewn in, I add the ephemera I have collected into pocked and under flaps. I create little books and envelopes for you to use, and add a few of the prompts to get you started.

Lastly I add any bookmarks, often paperclips with charms attached, so you can easily find your way back to where you were working. Then the book is complete!