I keep finding that each journal I make seems to suggest another topic to be added to the ever-growing list of ideas. I have temporarily shelved many of the flower journals I initially planned, and have kept just the wildflower and black and white flower journal concepts for now.

Wildflowers JournalThe wildflower journal kept coming to the fore as I realized how much I admire flowers that grow wherever they land. So often as humans we rale against the location we find ourselves in, so thought wildflowers may have something to tell us.






The other journal that made the cut is the black and white flower journal. I have found so many beautiful images that I decided they should have a journal of their own. This journal will be for the beauty of the images, so you can write about whatever inspires you that day, or color the sketches if that appeals, or try to copy them if you are feeling brave.






I’m sure more topics will come to me, but for now am working on getting the journals made that I have already started!