List of Journals

As time has passd I have made journals with many more themes and built in different formats and with both soft and card covers. At present I have over 200 topics listed, many with journals started.

I have also created a number of commissioned journals, and these have been great fun, delving into topics I knew little about. If you would like a commissioned journal, use the Contact link to let me know!

Fantasy Journal

This journal has a teal and cream cover color scheme, and lots of pink inside! Amongst its pages you will find images of pixies, elves and fairies hiding, tucked away between pages and tucked under other pieces of ephemera. This leaves you with plenty of hiding places to leave notes about your own fantastic life!

Travel Journal

This journal has pages with contemporary travel images, lined and plain pages, plus 8 checklist pages to get you organized! It also has travel adverts and map ephemera to use for recording notes about your adventures. Ideal for planning, taking on vacation with you to store photos, small paper souvenirs, and to keep note of all the interesting things you met along the way.

Memories Journal

This handmade brightly colored memories journal is ready for you to open and discover all the envelopes of themed journaling cards and beautiful images of people and places with writing prompts to add your special memories. There are also lined pages to write about longer memories as well as an envelope to add your own photo memories to make the journal more personal.


Gratitude Journal

It is said that whatever we look out for, we find. On that theory, finding three things each morning to be grateful for having in your life can only pay dividends! Try it and see for yourself.

Boho Journal

This journal has 1900s Bohemian images and is full of oranges and teals, peacocks, plants and flowers, prints by Alphonse Mucha and designs by William Morris. It celebrates the less formal and more ethereal aspects of life and is ready for your memories and thoughts of your Bohemian life – the one that is real or exists only in your mind!

Black and White Animal Journal

This journal is for animal lovers of all ages! This journal is calmer, all black and white – with just tiny hints of orange taken from the puffin’s beak on the cover. There are animal drawings and adverts using animals to find and enjoy. The pages have more space to write, if you choose to – and plenty of spaces to tuck away your notes, thoughts and ideas!

Sewing Journal

This journal is more practical and less reflective. There are places to plan projects as well as reflecting on how you learned to sew, how past generations sewed, and to recall past sewing projects. Pages include tea stained paper pages, images of sewing pages with storage pockets, lined pages, old sewing book pages and pattern instructions.

Cooking Journal

Many of us learned to cook by watcjing our mothers and teachers, who often had very firm ideas about what we should and shouldn’t do in the kitchen! If you relate to cooking in the 1970s – or earlier – this journal is for you. It has recipe cards to add family favourites as well as places to add those amazing recipes you find online, then can never find again!

Butterfly Journal

Many of us can relate to feeling like a butterfly, flitting from helping one person to the next, and seldom taking time to look after ourselves. This journal is for you to use to stop and reflect on where you have been and where you want to go. It has beautiful images of butterflies plus plenty of prompts to help you recall thoughts and events you want to record.

Abundance Journal

Most of us lead abundant lives, but are so caught up in seeing what we lack we end up feeling lack. This journal gently nudges us to notice what we have, and to change our focus to the abundance of life. It is said that what you focus on you find, so maybe thinking about how rich your life is will have you noticing the abundance you already have?

Sea Journal

Whether you know it as the sea, the coast, or the shore, the sea is an important and restoring place in life. Even if you don’t live close to the sea, you can still dream about being there, imagine it, recall being by it, and plan your next trip to be standing in the water yourself!

French Journal

As the images of Notre Dame in flames appeared, so many wrote of their visits to Paris and memories of Notre Dame, I wanted to that a journal for you to recall your memories. Whether you visited France long ago or are in the process of planning a visit, this is the journal to record your memories, hopes, expectations, and dreams.

England Journal

Coming from England it felt wrong to create a French Journal and not one for my home country! It considers the countryside and weather as well as the familair landmarks. Use this journal to record your memories of past visits, plan for future ones, and map out places and festivals you want to see.

Art Journal

This journal has a set of pages and ephemera cards for recording ideas, thoughts and sketches, but is primarily full of lush, heavy, 140lb coldpress watercolor paper. To make traveling with this journal a breeeze, it comes with a nifty watercolor kit, complete with water brush and 18 bright paints. The lowest tray provides a big blending area and the top section contains a sponge. Ideal for your favorite artist, whether already painting or hoping to do so.

Wildflower Journal

I find myself strongly drawn to images of wild flowers that grow where their seeds have fallen. This journal celebrates growing and flourishing where you are, whether in rich soil, or in a slightly weedy garden! Look at the bright colors of poppies, bluebells, buttercups, and daisies and see how well they flourish in all environments.

Black and White Flowers Journal

I found lots of beautiful black and white flower drawings for you to look at, admire, color, decorate, copy, or write about – whatever brings you pleasure! See what inspiration you can draw from this monochrome floral beauty, and look for old gardening ads to journal on!

Knitting Journal

I realized that knitting has been at the heart of so many gatherings of women down the years that I wanted to create a journal to honor this tradition. What are your memories of learning how to knit? Did you learn from your immediate family, or was it something you learned later on from friends – or even YouTube videos?

Music Journal

This journal is to help you reflect on the ways music has threaded through your life. It has an eclectic selection of images from early music examples, to images of old instruments, to drawings of children learning music, to radios and record players that anyone can use to create music. Somewhere in these pages is your musical history.

British Wildflower Journal

These images come from an old book about British Wildflowers, and what particularly appealed to me was the handwritten descriptions of the flowers. If you are similarly intrigued, here is the journal for recording your wildflower finds and thoughts.

Victorian Flower Journal

This journal is a chance to reminisce about the language of flowers as a romantic idea, floral tributes you have recived – or floral tribulations – in a visually romantic garden of cream colored pages and ornate decorations. What will you write in this journal?

Rose Journal

This journal is a riot of beautiful and romantic rose photos. Despite years of intense tutoring by relatives, my recall of rose names is dismal, so for those who also prefer to look at roses than to recall their proper names, this is the rose journal for you!

Hearth and Home Journal

This journal is an unashamed visit to a romanticized view of the world of the Victorian home and family. If nothing else, it will help see how much easier your life is, and to marvel at the sometimes bizarre products she was encouraged to buy to make life easier.

Arts and Crafts Era Journal

The arts and crafts movement that grew up in England was partly about art, partly about crafts, and partly political. Each country has taken the concept of making things by hand and treating the artisan as a person of value, so this journal has examples from both Great Britan and American Arts and Crafts era styles. Reflect and enjoy!

Advertising Journal

We have grown up in a world where advertising is a constant pressure, but also where products on offer are subjected to laws governing their safety. It wasn’t always so. This journal is a trip through some wild advertising claims and potentially dangerous products.