I do know it is February, not Christmas, but it is never to early to start thinking about Christmas!

This handmade Christmas journal and planner is just for you to help you get stuff ready, even when you are feeling overwhelmed by what you have to do! Preparing for Christmas can be exhausting, so this is journal is planned to count you down to Christmas by minimizing choices you have to make. It would make a great gift for someone who will be planning Christmas for the first time this year, as it is has lots of checklists and plenty of encouragement.

There are pages to write your own lists, complete with prompts, take out lists for gifts and things you need to buy, plus stickers and a coloring book to calm you while you plan. There are also Christmas cards and tags, plus words of encouragement to read when the process feels overwhelming. There are Christmas charms to use as book marks so you can find where you left your notes. Generally it is a way to reduce the prep to a manageable level so you can enjoy it, and not just dread it!

The cover is made of beige Kraft-tex that looks like leather, but is man-made and very strong and durable. The outer cover has an allover design on it, and has been made wipeable with the addition of several layers of sealant.

Click here to see the planner.